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Put the legal experience of St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana License Restoration Lawyer Paul Massa to work for you.

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Suspension and/or Disqualification Dates

Under Louisiana driving law, the surrender of an individual’s physical driver’s license will not be required to begin the period of suspension and/or disqualification. In accordance with Louisiana traffic laws, the suspension and/or disqualification dates can be given…

• upon receipt of the individual’s most current operator’s license (in-state or out-of-state),
• upon expiration of the operator’s license
• on the date a statement of non-possession is received,
• after the expiration date of the prior suspension or disqualification, or
• 30 days after the date of the notice of suspension.

EACH conviction of driving under suspension will cause your suspension period to be extended for one year. Driving while your license is suspended will be cause for arrest, a court fine and/or time in jail.

In accordance with Louisiana driving law, upon expiration of any suspension period, a reinstatement fee will be required before your driving privileges can be reinstated.

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In many cases, I am able to work with the City Courts, Parish Courts and Municipal Courts in Louisiana to resolve your unpaid traffic tickets and have your suspended Louisiana driver’s license reinstated with the least amount of your expense, time, and appearances to LA OMV and Traffic Courts as possible.

I know the local St. Tammany court rules and have had previous cases in front of the same St. Tammany judges. This allows me to present your traffic matter in a more logical and effective way. My traffic ticket defense experience will examine all aspects of your warrant case to your advantage.

Louisiana Driver’s License Suspension
According to Louisiana law, the following situations can lead to license suspension:
• Illegally changing information on your license.
• Using your license illegally.
• Including false information or leaving out information on your license.
• Violating a restriction on your license.
• Failing to comply with insurance requirements on registered vehicles,or failure to pay financial responsibility arising from an automobile accident.
• Driving While Intoxicated (DWI).
• Refusing an alcohol analysis test.
• Obtaining three reckless driving convictions in 12 months.
• Ignoring a traffic ticket by failing to pay it or appear in court to fight it.
• Not stopping for a school bus that is either loading or unloading passengers.
• Leaving and not offering assistance at the scene of an accident in which you were involved.
• Committing negligent homicide or manslaughter with a motor vehicle.
• Committing any felony with a motor vehicle.
• Committing any act in any other state that would be grounds for license suspension in Louisiana.
• Conviction of driving while your license is suspended.

If you drive while your license is suspended, not only will one year be added on to your suspension time, but you also risk being arrested.

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  • When your ticket is successfully resolved, I will provide you with the final disposition, court paperwork, and any instructions to follow if there is a fine to pay the court to keep your ticket off your driving record.
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Paul Massa defends all types of St. Tammany Parish Louisiana tickets including:

  • Following Too Closely
  • Move Over Violation
  • Failure to Yield
  • Texting While Driving
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Failure to Obey Traffic Device
  • Failure To Appear & Warrants
  • No Valid License
  • Rideshare – Uber/Lyft
  • Speeding Tickets
  • Red Light
  • Stop Sign
  • No Insurance
  • Suspended License
  • Suspended Registration
  • Commercial Driver Licenses
  • DUI
  • Online Traffic Tickets
  • Aggressive Driving
  • Passing a School Bus
  • Reckless Driving
  • Hit & Run
  • Improper Lane Change
  • Improper Passing
Dear Paul Massa, I wanted to sincerely thank you for all your help. I must admit that initially I was skeptical about retaining an Attorney online sight unseen. After reading through the reviews on your website it appeared to me that you are an upstanding guy and so I decided to bite the bullet. I am so glad I did. Everything went as you said it would, and when I needed to speak with you you answered the phone directly, nice. You definitely take care of your business. All your communication with me was prompt, professional, and courteous… I mean who could ask for more? Just to make you aware, I work at a busy Medical Center here in New Orleans and I have been singing your praises, and will continue to do so, whenever the subject of traffic violations comes up. Several colleagues have saved your info just in case they or anyone they know runs afoul of the law and need a great, competent Attorney. Best Wishes to you and yours my friend.
Sincerely, Orlando “OJ” Salinas, M.D., D.A.B.A.
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